Admitted to hospital from a hangover????

Not many people know about Addison's disease, you're lucky if you don't. I, being one of the 1 in 100,000 people that is affected by it,  thought I would share some insight considering this month is Addison's awareness month and last weekend I had a scary incident. I don't ever write or share in depth stories about my struggles and experiences, in fact I am scared to do so. Will anyone even read this?
Addison's is an autoimmune disease that affects the adrenal glands. it is when they are unable to produce sufficient hormones. So any regular person would produce cortisol, which helps manage physical and emotional stress, but someone with Addison's disease are unable to produce this hormone. If my body is in physical stress, (broken bone or vomiting etc) and I do not receive my emergency hydro-cortisone injection, things can be fatal. I may look healthy and it may not sound like much, but, mind my language, it fucking sucks.
On the weekend I went to a party a…