Admitted to hospital from a hangover????

Not many people know about Addison's disease, you're lucky if you don't. I, being one of the 1 in 100,000 people that is affected by it,  thought I would share some insight considering this month is Addison's awareness month and last weekend I had a scary incident. I don't ever write or share in depth stories about my struggles and experiences, in fact I am scared to do so. Will anyone even read this?
Addison's is an autoimmune disease that affects the adrenal glands. it is when they are unable to produce sufficient hormones. So any regular person would produce cortisol, which helps manage physical and emotional stress, but someone with Addison's disease are unable to produce this hormone. If my body is in physical stress, (broken bone or vomiting etc) and I do not receive my emergency hydro-cortisone injection, things can be fatal. I may look healthy and it may not sound like much, but, mind my language, it fucking sucks.
On the weekend I went to a party and was quiet anxious so I had a few drinks to relax myself, in the end I probably had 6 raspberry UDLs, I went back to my boyfriends (Taylor's) house, happily tipsy not feeling ill at all. I woke up in the morning, not feeling to crash hot. I went and sat next to the toilet and called my boyfriend from the next room. I told him I was going to vomit, he ran in and comforted me whilst I vomited up raspberry udl. I was at the toilet from about 9 till about 1 maybe, I cant remember to be honest. Not much was coming out every time I vomited, so I just told myself I didn't need the injection until I started to feel really sleepy and I couldn't really keep my eyes open. I immediately messaged my mother and asked her to come straight to my boyfriends house. I then told Taylor if I got any worse call an ambulance. My mum arrived, I was pretty out of it so they called the ambulance and whilst they were on their way my mum did the injection. If I did not get that injection I would have gone unconscious and possibly died, well that's what the specialists say. Not many people know about this disease and what could happen, and that's scary. For weeks, I was telling Taylor I needed to teach him how to do the injection, but we just didn't get around to it. I thought I was just being a typical 20 year old having a few drinks at a party, but then I ended up in hospital, from a hangover, because i'm not a typical 20 year old, it kills me everyday but its something ill have forever, so I have no option but to deal with it hey.


  1. I read it. Yes it sucks for you but you have been able to control it for so long now. You had one mishap, you have obviously learnt from it and in guessing it wont happen again. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just thank your lucky stars you had enough energy to call your mum. Teaching your boyfriend how to do the injection should now be a priority.
    Good on you for getting this off your chest.


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